Which VBS Was Your Favorite?

1997: The Wild and Wonderful Good News Stampede

1998: StarQuest

1999: Mt. Extreme

2000: The Fantastic Good News Ocean Odyssey (this is when God convicted me that VBS would be my life’s purpose)

2001: Truth Trackers and the Secret of the Stone Tablets

2002: Amazon Outfitters (this was my favorite VBS as a teacher)

2003: The Great Kingdom Caper

2004: Far-Out Far East Rickshaw Rally (my first VBS as Director)

2005: Ramblin’ Road Trip

2006: Arctic Edge

2007: Game Day Central

2008: Outrigger Island

2009: Boomerang Express

2010: Saddle Ridge Ranch

2011: Big Apple Adventure

2012: Amazing Wonders Aviation

2013: Colossal Coaster World

2014: Agency D3

2015: Journey Off the Map

2016: Submerged


1 Comment

  1. Susen

    So many great themes!!!! It’s hard to decide. Maybe Ocean Odessy. Or Amazon Outfitters. Or Rickshaw Rally. Or …???

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