More Decorating Ideas for Journey Off The Map

Here are some more decorating ideas I found on the internet:


Make a giant caterpillar out of balloons and use construction paper for the face and legs.  Use pipe cleaners for the antennae.


If you can’t use balloons, use colored paper plates and construction paper to make a giant caterpillar.


This sign is awesome and super easy to make!  Get the tutorial for making it by clicking here.  And check out Mom Saving Money for more great VBS ideas!


What a great idea to use for decorating your room and showing the different themes for each day!  You can easily find wooden pallets for free-usually in dumpsters behind stores like Lowe’s, Sam’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc.  You can also ask the store manager if they’d be willing to give you some free pallets.



  1. Heather

    What bible lessons did you teach to go along with this

    • We used the Bible lessons that came with the Journey Off the Map VBS curriculum from Lifeway.

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