10 Ways To Use The Giant Inflatable Butterfly

Here are some great ideas from myself and Klista Storts with Lifeway for using the giant inflatable butterfly that Lifeway is offering as part of the Journey Off The Map VBS this year.


1. Hang multiple butterflies at various levels from the ceiling, but with the wings at different stages of flight—easily done by adjusting the length of the string attached to the wings.
2. Use a non-inflated butterfly as a stencil for cutting additional paper butterflies to put onto walls.
3. Hang butterflies and large paper flowers on the trees outside your church to draw the attention of your community to your VBS-or make trees in your room and hang them from that.
4. Attach inflated butterflies to bulletin boards to add a 3D effect. If there’s not room to attach them, hang them from the ceiling to hover around the board.
5. Hang a few in the baby rooms at a height low enough for babies to touch—either close to the floor (with supervision), or at a height where a baby being held by a teacher could touch it.
6. Give out tickets to students for good behavior and give the butterfly away as a prize to the student with the most tickets.
7. Hang room signs, numbers, snack menu or rotation site names from butterflies suspended from the ceiling.
8. If you make a tree house for decorating your room, hang a butterfly from the tree house or suspend it above the tree house.
9. Have butterfly races. Make straps around the body of the butterfly so that it can be worn “backpack-style” by the contestants.
10. Use 2 or 3 butterflies, flowers, and Inflatable Dragonflies (005651431) as props in a VBS photo booth.


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