Journey Off The Map VBS Ideas

Here are some extra ideas you can use to emphasize the story of the fiery furnace:

  • Help the children draw four stick figures in the middle of a paper. Then glue strips of red, yellow and orange paper over the figures to show four men in the furnace.
  • This story is amazing to tell around a campfire. (we have fake fireplaces available-just ask me!)
  • Draw four figures on a clay pot and place a small LED (non-flame) candle inside to form a furnace.
  • A review game that you could play is to use a color picture of the three friends in the fiery furnace.  Take pieces of construction or tissue paper and cover the picture.  Each time a student correctly answers a review question they may remove a piece of paper revealing a part of the picture.  Continue to do this until all papers are removed revealing the picture.
  • This version of musical chairs is to remind children God was with Daniel’s friends in the fire. Supplies: Chairs or mats, red and yellow cloth or paper, CD player. Prepare: Place one chair per child, minus two, in a circle facing outwards for the furnace. Decorate the middle of the furnace with red and yellow cloth or paper to look like flames.  Say to the child in the furnace, “You are in the fiery furnace, just like Daniel’s friends, but you are safe because God is with you!” All the children say, “God is with you.”
  • Children will realize God is with them, just as He was with Daniel’s friends in the furnace with this game. Supplies: Soft ball for rolling.  Directions: 1. Children sit in a circle. 2. Roll the ball to a child. 3. Ask that child to name one thing that makes him or her feel afraid. 4. (Child’s name) God is with you when you are afraid of (child’s fear). 5. Children say, “God is with you,” to the child. 6. That child rolls the ball to another child. 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until each child has a turn.
  • Make a cookie container fiery furnace:

ff1ff2 - Copy ff3 ff4ff5


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