More Decorating Ideas for Journey Off The Map

Here is another really easy way to take up space and decorate for VBS!  The kids will really enjoy these!


Take a couple of boxes and wrap them in brown paper.  Write things on them in black marker like “Beware” or “Do Not Feed The Animals” or “Watch Out For Giant Insects.”


Another idea is to write the ABC’s on three boxes-Admit, Believe and Confess.


You can also use stencils and paint to print on a box to make it look like it has equipment in it.  You can put “Maps” or “Bibles” or “Cargo” on the boxes.  Put props like rope, hiking boots, binoculars, lanterns, safari hats, etc. on top of the boxes to add to the scene.  Use old suitcases if you have them or can borrow some.  You might even be able to find some for a reasonable price from thrift stores or garage sales.


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