Marvelous Monday!


WOW!  Our first night was a huge success!  We had 44 children and adults registered for VBS!  Looking forward to an even more amazing night, tonight!  A BIG THANK YOU to all who worked so hard to make Monday marvelous!  Let ‘s make Tuesday even better!

I think the following sums up VBS perfectly:

“My week of teaching Bible school was not really about teaching at all. It was about learning. It was learning to approach God and His Word with the passion, energy and innocence of a three-year-old. It was learning to generously share my quarters with the people who need them. It was learning to take everything to God in prayer, from the well-being of my favorite pet to my largest dreams. It was learning to know the Scriptures so well, that at a moment’s notice I could recall them, word-for-word, from the depths of my heart. And, it was learning to sing God’s promises joyfully, although the world around me might be dark. Ultimately, it was learning to have a child-like faith.”


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