Miracles Will Happen


I love the following quote that came from a volunteer at a Vacation Bible School being held at a Catholic church:

“We are in competition with the world which attracts minds and souls through the senses,” she explains. “We try to appeal to the senses of sight and sound as well. Jesus used visuals – coins, mustard seeds, mountains, boats, etc. We decorate everything in an imaginative and cost-effective way using rolls of plastic table covering, brown paper bags, things from home, paint and lots of creativity! A visual teacher can produce great fruits by helping children ‘see’ and learn the truths of faith. It’s about busting the myth that faith is no fun. When great stuff is taught in fun, interesting ways, it bears fruit.”

I especially love the last sentence and think it should be repeated, “When great stuff is taught in fun, interesting ways, it bears fruit.”  Obviously,  there has to be good balance between decorating for VBS and preparing to teach at VBS.  That being said, I truly believe that when you put forth a little effort into creating a visually stimulating classroom, that effort will bear fruit tenfold.  It creates an atmosphere where kids can associate the VBS theme with important Biblical principles that will last them a lifetime.  You’re helping the children to not only hear about the Bible but allowing them to see it, as well.  You’re showing them that faith is alive and exciting!

I also love this quote because it reminds me of something I hadn’t given any real thought to-Jesus was a visual teacher, using everday items in his examples.  I picture Jesus walking through the halls of my church and getting really excited by all the decorations.  He doesn’t care that many of them are repurposed items from other VBS themes, that the decorations aren’t cut exactly even or that I’m using bed sheets for stage decorations.  He loves the effort.  And so will the kids.

Remember, when you put forth your best effort in decorating, teaching, serving snacks, whatever you’re doing-God will bless it more than you can possibly imagine!  And miracles will happen!


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