Never Before Told

The story below is from a Sunday School teacher in Oklahoma:

One Saturday evening, I was bringing my granddaughter, Emily, home with me to spend the weekend. I told her that I needed to work on my Sunday School plans when we got home. Emily was aware that I taught Sunday School for many years. She quickly said, “What is your Bible story for tomorrow?’ I felt like she might be quizzing me, and I was glad that I could quickly tell her the title of the Bible story. Then she asked a question, a question that no one had ever asked me—how many times have you told that Bible story? I answered so quickly, it was as if God had already had the answer ready for me: I said,”Never to the children who will be there tomorrow.”

To be ready to teach your 100th VBS class is as important as the very first time you taught in VBS.  Emily’s question reminds us that we need to prepare for each VBS Bible story OR VBS snack OR VBS song OR VBS craft OR VBS game as if it were a “new” story/snack/song/craft/game.  It will be the first time for you to tell/show it to the children who will be in your VBS class.  And, for some child, it might be the first time for them to ever hear the Bible story!

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