Park Rides Idea

Use small rides to decorate your room-idea by Mark Jones:

Amusement Park Rides

Since space is a limitation for hosting amusement park rides, consider ways to make table top rides for standup figures to ride.  Tape rollercoaster tracks to the tabletop and down to the floor.

  1. Cut long strips of card stock weight paper a couple of inches wide.
  2. Draw railroad tracks on the strips using a wide marker.
  3. Tape the track sections to the table creating hills by pushing the ends together causing it to bow up into a hill.
  4. Allow kids to add tracks including off the table down to a chair or the floor.
  5. They can make more track sections with the markers and strips.
  6. Invite them to use the cars and pretend they are riding the rollercoaster.

Other rides might include; a Lazy Susan with plastic/ paper tea cups glued on it or boats floating in a water table or in a dishpan with water.



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