Big Top Decorating Idea

Here is another decorating idea from Mark Jones for the Colossal Coaster World theme:

Big Top

This will need to be located near a wall or corner.

  1. Lay a colorful striped king-size sheet over a hula hoop on the floor.
  2. Using four large binder clips (office supplies), open each clip and slide it over the hula hoop securing the sheet to the hoop in four areas (clock face- 12, 3, 6, 9).
  3. To hang the tent, use four hooks, open paper clips, string or small bungee cords to hook to the recessed ceiling tracks.  Set the height of the tent for your children to walk or crawl into.
  4. Place a green blanket on the floor of the tent to be soft grass where they can read books or enjoy the puzzles.

Option- The tent can be enlarged by using two sheets side by side with a small overlap across the hula hoop before clipping.  They will hang off each side and make a natural door opening and be longer to go wider out or taller.  This can also be used at the door as kids enter the room.




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