Entry Tunnel Idea

Here’s an idea to create a fun entrance to your room-idea by Mark Jones:

Entry Tunnel

As kids enter and leave your classroom, ask them to crawl through a tunnel of boxes.  This will take three or four boxes of equal size large enough for the children you teach (and the teachers too). Work backwards.

  1. Secure the box to the door frame, flush with the hallway wall.
  2. Add the next box in the hall to the end of the last box.  You will need to cut an opening in the side of this box. Trace around the last box to transfer the opening size before cutting.
  3. Tape the boxes together creating a corner and secure it to the wall with tape.
  4. Another box can be added to extend the tunnel.

*Note- It is a good idea to cut small openings in the tops of the boxes so light can shine into the tunnel.  For children with fears, allow them to enter through the doorway.  Avoid long tunnels.  One box to crawl straight into the room can also be great fun for preschoolers.



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