Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Park Rides Idea

Use small rides to decorate your room-idea by Mark Jones: Amusement Park Rides Since space is a limitation for hosting amusement park rides, consider ways to make table top rides for standup figures to ride.  Tape rollercoaster tracks to the tabletop and down to the floor. Cut long strips of card stock weight paper a …

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Big Top Decorating Idea

Here is another decorating idea from Mark Jones for the Colossal Coaster World theme: Big Top This will need to be located near a wall or corner. Lay a colorful striped king-size sheet over a hula hoop on the floor. Using four large binder clips (office supplies), open each clip and slide it over the …

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Entry Tunnel Idea

Here’s an idea to create a fun entrance to your room-idea by Mark Jones: Entry Tunnel As kids enter and leave your classroom, ask them to crawl through a tunnel of boxes.  This will take three or four boxes of equal size large enough for the children you teach (and the teachers too). Work backwards. …

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