Decorating Ideas for VBS

Some suggestions from Lifeway for quick and easy room decorating are:

  • Hang the VBS flags and whirly planes from your ceiling
  • Use the VBS posters for your walls
  • Use the VBS tablecloths to decorate or cover things

Here are more examples to get your creative juices flowing!

Download this map from the VBS website or make your own map for your class!

Got any exotic stuffed animals sitting around????

A compass makes a great decoration for this VBS!

A small Victoria Falls

Use airplanes!

Make a cargo box by painting foam board!

Rain clouds

Fill your room with clouds!

Make a customs area! (They used a shower curtain!)

Make a baggage claim area with an old suitcase!

An example of how to make a waterfall with bulletin board paper.

An easy airplane out of a cardboard box.

Falls made with clear balloons and lights.

Falls made with brown bulletin board paper and white tulle.

The balloons on the wall make a great ocean “bubbles” effect.

Great rainbow! You can use foam noodles and white balloons!


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