Your VBS Memories Needed!

Would you please share your favorite VBS memory or what you love most about VBS?  You can share both if you want!  You can share by commenting on this post or email Becky.  Your comment will be used for VBS promotion at a later date.  Thanks for your help!




  1. Susen Pruitt

    I love watching the expressions on children’s faces when they sing the VBS songs.
    I love watching them them sing and re-sing, “Yes to VBS” year after year.
    I love watching you sing and do the motions to all the new and old VBS songs.
    I love watching Bill sing and try to do the motions to the VBS songs.
    I love to see the expressions on the faces of the children and parents when they see the decorations.
    Ilove seeing an “aha moments” when they get “it.”
    I love praying with a child to receive Christ!
    I love sitting with you,Becky, on the last night of VBS, when we are totally exhausted, and all of a sudden perking up and saying, “‘can’t wait ’till next year!”
    I love it all.
    What can I say, next to you, Becky, I’m the crazyest VBS NUT in the church!

  2. Lea

    I know this is a lil late, but…
    One of my favorite parts of VBS is snack time, because I get a chance to just sit and visit with the kids. We talk about our favorite movies and what we like to do for fun and I really get a chance to just bond with the kids. That’s really the only time of the night when there’s a chance like the to just get to know them, so I really enjoys it.

  3. carmon rike

    Yeah, I know this is almost a full month past when you asked for VBS memories, but
    My favorite VBS memory is from when I was a little girl. I remember the fun decorations during Amazon Outfitters. I remember Bro. Bill doing the dance movements for the song from Kingdom Capers that went something like “you can go the distance with patience and endurance, which helped to build the character of a Christian”. Another fond VBS memory is seeing all 20 (or so) kindergardeners scream like maniacs when Becky walks by and appears to not notice them. I remember one time Bro. Bill was trying to give out high-fives and one little boy slapped him as hard as he could.
    I really love the looks on the children’s faces when they hear some Biblical truth that they had not known before.
    I really love the hugs and high fives the kids give out.
    I really love Becky’s enthusiasm.
    I really love watching how God has better and bigger plans for our church each year than we have planned. I love watching God work through and for our church.
    I love that we have so many people donate time and money. I have visited numerous large churches, and I can honestly say that the large churches get less money donated (per kid expected at VBS) and I see more volunteers come from our church than large churches get (per member).

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